Local Raleigh Authors

The Raleigh Book Bar is proud to feature our local area authors. We have so much talent around us, so we’re looking forward to putting their work on display.

The unfortunate truth is that these authors don’t make very much off the sale of their books. So we want to do something about that! The Book Bar will not take any of the proceeds from authors for our piece in marketing and selling their books. Instead, they will get 100% of the sale of the book.


alice-osborn-raleigh-authorAlice Osborn: Alice’s past educational and work experience is unusually varied, and it now feeds her work as a poet, speaker and popular writing coach. In the past decade, Alice has taught classes and writing workshops to thousands of aspiring authors of nearly all ages from 9 to 90 both around the corner and internationally. Heroes without Capes is her most recent collection of poetry; previous collections are After the Steaming Stops and Unfinished Projects. Alice is also the editor of the anthologies Tattoos and Creatures of Habitat, both from Main Street RagA North Carolina Writers’ Network board member and a Pushcart Prize nominee, her work has appeared in the News and Observer, The Broad River Review, The Pedestal MagazineSoundings Review and in numerous journals and anthologies. When she’s not editing or writing, Alice is an Irish dancer who plays guitar and violin. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband, two children and four very messy and loud birds. www.AliceOsborn.com


jon-batson-raleigh-authorJon Batson: An award winning songwriter and author, Jon’s gritty, often irreverent style strikes a chord of contemplation.  Jon demands your attention with subtle innuendo and carefully scattered satire.  As a singer, songwriter and published author, Jon’s signature is intentionally provocative – and refreshingly entertaining. www.therealjonbatson.com




Marcey Rader: Marcey worked in the corporate environment for thirteen years in multiple operations roles and as a Corporate Training Lead for the third largest clinical research organization in the world. She helped create SOPs, trained staff on technologies and processes and gave new employees a four-week crash course in the industry. When she went as high as she wanted to go, she left the company to start her own business. There wasn’t anyone coaching people on how health affects productivity and how productivity affects health, while giving them actionable steps with their inbox, nutrition, and opportunities to move. To be successful takes more than theory. People need actionable steps. Some say staying fit and productive requires self-discipline, commitment or willpower. But Marcey disagrees. She believes it requires knowledge, support, and genuine behavior change. www.marceyrader.com




Michelle Brovitz: Michelle is an adopted, multiple sclerosis-suffering, card-carrying Mensa member with the perspective that life is a roller coaster ride and miracles can and do happen. And she has a huge sweet tooth.

Hers is a melding of a Cinderella story with The Little Engine That Could. It is a tale of how, despite everything, she always emerged smelling like a rose—or at least, she re-sculpted the pile of garbage she was in to look like a rose. She likes to think of herself as a phoenix, constantly burning up then rising from the ashes… In her story, she conquers all of the obstacles she faced with grace and humor (eventually) and used the inevitable wisdom she gained, forging ahead regardless of the stumbling blocks thrown in her path. On her journey she learned a lot about herself, as well as the human condition. Like her own personal Behind the Music episode, How I Got a Horse Out of a Toilet is a collection of true stories from her life, both the good and the not-so-good. It’s a collection of her personal trials and tribulations, victories and defeats, and miracles she’s witnessed on the way.